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P42 YPAGne – engagement and involvement. ensuring the voice on yooung people is heard
  1. J Ball,
  2. N Davidson
  1. Children’s Services, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Aim To imbed the voice of young people in research design and delivery in order to improve input and influence of young people (YP) in the development of clinical and public health research.

Methods YPAGne hold regular meetings, employ innovative facilitation strategies that draw on skills from youth work, patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) techniques and participatory design methods. YPAGne captures instant feedback from members and visiting teams using innovative technology developed with colleagues at Newcastle University. The group also adopts tight cycles of reflection to improve the YPAGne participatory approach on a month-to-month basis. Innovation is at the core of YPAGne’ s DNA and we have the privilege of working with a truly dynamic and thoughtful group of young innovators who want to see the health of the nation improved through their input. The success of the group is built on a strong management team which employs a distributed model of leadership and reflective practice to ensure the group continues to push boundaries and grow.

Results Research studies with PPIE involvement and engagement in YPAGne develops life skills, increases confidence, resilience and self-esteem almost by stealth. Members join out of curiosity, parent persuasion and UCAS application impact; they stay because they have an opportunity to make a difference, to be involved in decision making and are listened to.

Conclusion YPAGne has attracted the attention of not just researchers, funders and national bodies but young people from around our region are hearing about how they can make a real difference to health in their nation. Involvement in groups such as YPAGne helps young people with resilience, increases confidence and equips them with valuable skills.

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