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P48 Does flash glucose monitoring improve patient satisfaction, self-management & overall hba1c in 12–16 year old patients with suboptimal control?
  1. S Shah,
  2. K Parker,
  3. J Smyth,
  4. S Millar
  1. Children and Young Persons Diabetes Service, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Portadown, UK


Introduction Type 1 diabetes requires significant self-management including regular glucose testing, calculating appropriate doses of insulin, self injecting and preventing compiications such as hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidos and long term end organ changes. Adolecents have motivation but are also vulnerable in terms of making well balanced choices and self advocacy. The Flash Glucose monitoring system is a device that measures interstitial glucose level by scanning the sensor placed upon the arm. By scanning frequently there is more awareness of interstitial glucose levels which intuitively should improve overall self management. it also reduces the need to check blood sugars causing less finger pricks. Less motivated adolescents may find this quick, easy and convenient method of testing sugars a useful way to engage better with their day to day diabetes care. The aim of this study is ‘Does flash glucose monitoring improve the HBA1c and overall satisfaction in 12-16 year old patients with type 1 diabetes with suboptimal levels?

Methods Flash glucose monitoring was made available to all patients with type 1 diabetes who fulfilled set criteria and after completing a training session. We included 12-16 year olds with hba1c was 69 mmol/mol (8.5%) and above. Demographic details were recorded. We monitored their HbA1c at 3 and 6 months from starting flash glucose monitoring. We also asked them 2 questions:

  • Do you feel the flash glucose monitoring system has made it easier for you to manage your diabetes on a day to day basis

  • Do you think it will improve your overall HbA1c level?


  • 24 patients aged 12–16 years had Hba1c above 69 mmol/mol

  • 8 were eliminated either due to recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (3) or refusal to use Libre (5) therefore N=16.

  • Median HbA1c before starting Libre= 78 mmol/mol (mean=85), at 3 months 86 mmol/mol (mean=85) and 6 months 73 mmol/mol (mean 73) p=0.016

  • At 3 months all felt Libre made it easier to manage day to day sugar levels

Conclusion There was a significant fall in Hba1c (P=0.016) 6 months after using Flash Glucose monitoring.

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