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P20 Capturing out-of-hours pharmacist interventions at a tertiary paediatric centre
  1. Alice McCloskey1,
  2. Leah Shepard1,
  3. Louise Bracken2,
  4. Gabrielle Seddon2,
  5. Andrea Gill2
  1. 1Liverpool John Moores University
  2. 2Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool


Background Pharmacists have a key role in patient safety. However, there are gaps in the literature around their interventions and impact in paediatric out-of-hours care.

Aim This study aimed to identify and assess the impact of pharmacist interventions on inpatient care at a tertiary paediatric centre during out-of-hours shifts.

Method A retrospective study was conducted using data from an out-of-hours pharmacist intervention database at the study site (a paediatric hospital) in the North West of England. Data was drawn from a sample of convenience of 406 entries, recorded over a 5-month period. Pseudo anonymised data was categorised by intervention, ranked by severity, and simple statistics performed using MSExcel.

Results Nine different intervention categories were identified, with most including subcategories, showing a wide range of pharmacist out-of-hours tasks including maintenance, medicines information enquiries, and therapeutic drug monitoring. Out of 404 interventions ranked, 91% (N= 368) were found to lead to an improvement in patient care. No interventions were classed as causing detriment to patient care, or directly leading to life-saving actions. Cost of error avoidance against rate paid per out-of-hours intervention was calculated to be ten-fold, proving the value for enhanced rates paid to pharmacists during hours of lower staffing levels.

Conclusion Pharmacists at a paediatric tertiary care centre have proved valuable through their out-of-hours interventions recording using a number of assessments to validate the results from this snapshot study. This research contributes to the existing gap in the literature, and will inform future similar studies.

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