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PP-087 Implementation of advanced paediatric life support couse in Bosna and Herzegovina
  1. Ismeta Kalkan
  1. Paediatrics Hospital Sarajevo


Aim The establishment of Intensive Care at the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo was followed by the implementation of the following self-educational programs: Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) Course, Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) and PCEP-Perinatal Continuing Education Program (PCEP).

Material and Method The APLS course provides the knowledge and skills needed to identify, effectively treat, and stabilize children in life-threatening emergencies, using a structured, sequential approach

Results The APLS course has been practiced around the world and since 2000 it has also been implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The advanced resuscitation and care of life-threatening children was successfully attended by 506 general practitioners, pediatricians and emergency physicians

Conclusions The set goals are that all those working with children and young people should have the appropriate knowledge and skills in order to meet their specific needs.

  • education
  • implementation
  • apls
  • skills
  • theoretical knowledge

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