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PP-098 Lung ultrasound compared to chest X ray in diagnosing RDS: a prospective cohort study
  1. Himanshi Sharma,
  2. Kamaldeep Arora,
  3. Mehak Munjal,
  4. Kavita Saggar,
  5. Puneet Aulakh Pooni
  1. Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana Punjab India


Aim Chest X ray has been used in diagnosing RDS since long. Lung Ultrasound is an upcoming bedside, point of care modality with no radiation exposure to diagnose RDS. This study aims to compare lung ultrasound and traditional chest X ray for diagnosing respiratory distress syndrome.

Material and Method This study was conducted in level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a tertiary care Hospital. Preterm newborns (GA <34 weeks) with respiratory distress (Downe s greater than 4) within 2 hours of birth, and FiO2 >0.3% were included in this study. Chest X ray and Lung ultrasound were done within 2 hours of birth. Preterm Neonates with FiO2 requirement of >0.4% with RDS were given surfactant. Also neonates with septic shock, Chorioamnionitis, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome and antenatally diagnosed congenital lung disease were excluded from the study. Data was analysed using SPSS software. P Value of <0.5 was significant.

Results Out of total 180 preterm newborns, We enrolled 70 cases. Mean gestational age was 30.17 + 2.90 weeks. Median Birth weight was 1387 grams (IQR 865 - 1850 grams). As per chest X Ray 72% cases were suggestive of Hyaline Membrane Disease. As per criteria (FiO2 > 40% and RDS) 45.7% (31 cases ) were given surfactant. Lung Ultrasound done within 2 hours of birth was suggestive of RDS in 53.7% cases. Area under Curve for Lung ultrasound was 0.89 and score of 8 was kept cut off.

Conclusions Lung ultrasound along with FiO2 requirement has a predictive value to administer surfactant in preterm neonates.

  • Lung Ultrasound
  • Surfactant

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