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PP-100 Physical development in infants born from mothers with obesity
  1. Liudmila Firsova,
  2. Dmitry Ivanov,
  3. Natalya Prokopyeva,
  4. Yurii Petrenko,
  5. Valerya Novikova,
  6. Olga Gurina,
  7. Aleksandr Blinov,
  8. Olga Varlamova,
  9. Vera Gritsinskaya
  1. St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University’, St. Petersburg, 9400, Litovskaya st. 2, Russia


Aim To study the dynamics of physical development (PD) in infants born from mothers with obesity.

Material and Method A total of 33 children were examined: group 1–23 children from women with obesity, group 2–10 children from women with normal BMI. The levels of growth hormone (GH), adiponectin, leptin, FABP4, ghrelin, PREF-1, BDNF, IGF1 were assessed in cord blood (СВ) and venous blood of infants on the second day and at 12 months old. Anthropometric and statistical methods were used.

Results The body length(BL) in group-1 was higher than in group 2(p=0.009). At 1 month of age, BL in the groups were similar(p=0.184). At 3 months(p<0.001), 6(p=0.001), 9(p<0.001), and 12 months(p<0.001), BL in children in group-1 was higher. At birth, a weight was higher in group-1 than in group-2(p=0.004). At 1 month, weight in both groups wasn’t differ(p=0.150); from 3rd month, weight in group-1 was higher than in group-2(р<0,001). Positive correlation of maternal BMI between infant birth weight, length and weight in children aged 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and positive correlation of maternal BMI with BMI in children aged 6 and 12 months was revealed. There was a negative correlation of ghrelin level in CB serum with birth weight(r=-0.329, p=0.44). A weight at 1 year of age was dependent on CB serum levels of PREF-1, BDNF(r=-0.496, p=0.002), GH (r=0.409, p=0.11) and IGF1 (r=0.401, p=0.013) in serum at 12 months, and FABP4 levels(r=0.404, p=0.012) and GH levels (r=0.433, p=0.007) in serum at day 2. There was a negative correlation between PREF-1 (r=0.489, p=0.002) and BDNF (r=0.443, p=0.005) levels in serum of children at 12 months, and a positive correlation between GH (r=0.419, p=0.009) and IGF-1 (r=0.493, p=0.002) levels in serum of children with maternal BMI.

Conclusions The PD in children from mothers with obesity depends on their BMI and levels of hormones and neuropeptides.

  • infants
  • physical development
  • obesity
  • neuropeptides
  • hormones

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