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PP-113 Implementation of tactical emergency casualty care pediatric guideline in Ukraine
  1. Olena Starets,
  2. Tetiana Khimenko,
  3. Kateryna Losieva,
  4. Oksana Fedorenko,
  5. Svitlana Chernysh
  1. Odessa National Medical University, Department of Propedeutics of Pediatrics, Odesa, Ukraine


Aim Implementation of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Pediatric Guideline and it’s adaptation to Ukrainian legislation is very actual because of full-scale military aggression. The aim was to study the effectiveness of approaches to training medical workers, educators and other interested civilians according to the TECC Pediatric Guidelines.

Material and Method The research was conducted during September 2022 - April 2023. The training program was based on the recommendations of the Committee TECC, the American College of Surgeons and current guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. About 300 participants completed the free course. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, we developed tests and situational tasks that were used as input and final control. An anonymous questionnaire was used to determine the level of satisfaction of participants regarding the accessibility of teaching material, the possibility of mastering practical skills, etc.

Results All participants successfully mastered practical skills and were able to demonstrate their correct implementation. An analysis of the most frequent mistakes made when performing situational tasks showed: the rescuer was not sure of his own safety and began to provide help in the danger zone (19.66%); the rescuer did not call an EMS in time (30.77%); the rescuer applied a tourniquet to the victim in the absence of signs of massive bleeding (12.82%); the rescuer moved the victim unnecessarily after the road accident (14.53%). All respondents believed that the knowledge gained at the training was new and useful for them, and that they would recommend this training to their friends and colleagues

Conclusions The applied methods of active learning and working out practical skills showed effectiveness both in terms of learning outcomes and in terms of participant satisfaction.

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Practical Skills
  • Education

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