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PP-114 The significance of integrating bioethics into medical education
  1. Tarana Taghizada,
  2. Ulviyya Haciyeva,
  3. Fakhriya Mammadova,
  4. Lala Hidayatova
  1. Azerbaijan Medical University


Aim To study the effectiveness of incorporating bioethics education into the medical curriculum at Azerbaijan Medical University

Material and Method A survey was conducted among 500 1st-2nd year students in connection with the usefulness of applying the knowledge acquired during the course of bioethics in the formation of their professional activities. The study used a specially created questionnaire consisting of 22 questions

Results During the survey, it was revealed that understanding the importance of knowledge in the field of bioethics is associated with modern ideas about the role of a medical worker in the public health system. An insightful survey conducted among bioethics graduates reveals a unanimous acknowledgment of the importance of bioethics education in shaping the ethical competence of future doctors. 87% (435) of students involved express the belief that such education contributes significantly to improved ethical practice and decision-making. 82% (410) of students express a preference for bioethics as an elective, emphasizing its role in enhancing their overall medical education. 70% (350) of students advocate for the integration of bioethics education throughout the medical program. They propose incorporating new models of doctor-patient relationships, coupled with behavioral observation by clinician-teachers during clinical subjects in senior years. This perspective underscores the importance of aligning theoretical knowledge with practical application to reinforce ethical principles in clinical settings.

Conclusions In conclusion, we posit that commencing bioethics education from the first year of medical studies is integral to the holistic development of future doctors as ethical and proficient professionals. It is imperative that students grasp the principles of medical deontology to ensure that their future medical endeavors align with ethical standards.

  • bioethics
  • education
  • questionnaire
  • students
  • medical workers

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