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OP-027 Assessment of the immunological effectiveness of vaccination with pneumococcal vaccine in children in Uzbekistan
  1. Elmira Shamansurova
  1. Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute


Aim Assessment of the serotype spectrum of S.pneumonia after the introduction of pneumococcal vaccine in Uzbekistan

Material and Method The blood of children who received 3-time vaccination (2+1) with Prevenar-13 or the 10-valent Pneumosil vaccine was tested for the presence of type-specific IgG antibodies. The study was carried out in children who were hospitalized with a diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia (26 children), of which 11 children received the vaccine Prevenar -13 and 15 children received the 10-valent vaccine Pneumosil. The blood sera of 12 children without pneumonia were studied as a control group. To assess immunological effectiveness, we determined specific anti-SPP IgG antibodies to capsular polysaccharides of Streptococcus pneumoniae using ELISA in immunized children no earlier than 2 months after the last administration of vaccines.

Results When analyzing the sera of children with CAP (n=11) vaccinated with a 13-valent vaccine, it was found that the level of specific antibodies to individual CPS in them was in a wide range of values - from 35 u. to KPS Pn-9N up to 101 u. to KPS Pn-23F. Calculation of the average antibody level showed that for most CPS it was at the level of 40–50 units. When analyzing the sera of children vaccinated with the 10-valent vaccine, it was found that the level of specific antibodies to individual CPS was in a lower range of values (30 - 40 units) than in those vaccinated with Prevenar-13.

Conclusions It was shown that the highest level of IgG to 15 CPS of pneumococcus in the postvaccination period was demonstrated by the sera of children in the control group. In second place in terms of the level of antibodies to CPS pneumococcus were the sera of children who received Prevenar-13, and in third place were the blood sera of children vaccinated with the 10-valent vaccine.

  • S.pneumonia
  • capsule polysaccharides
  • specific antibodies against capsule polysaccharides
  • vaccines

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