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OP-030 Comparison of adult and pediatric leptospirosis cases
  1. Hüseyin Elçi1,
  2. Mehmet Bulut1,
  3. Adnan Barutçu2
  1. 1Kızıltepe State Hospital, Mardin, Türkiye
  2. 2Çukurova Univercity, Adana, Türkiye


Aim Leptospirosis is an important zoonotic disease with an increasing number of cases worldwide especially due to the effect of global warming. It is estimated that more than one million cases and close to sixty thousand deaths occur annually worldwide. Infection usually results in asymptomatic or self-limiting disease in both adults and children. However, in severe cases, it can present as a fatal disease. For this reason, we planned our study to better understand the epidemiology and clinic of the disease.

Material and Method The medical files of all patients diagnosed with leptospirosis between 01.01.2021 and 31.12.2022 were retrospectively reviewed, and the clinical findings, risk factors, laboratory findings, treatments and treatment results of the patients were recorded.

Results In this two-year study, 36 confirmed cases of under-18-year-old and 82 adult cases were identified. All the cases were male. All of them were found to be working in the corn fields for irrigation work or were related to the well works. Where 22% of pediatric patients were Syrian nationals,%30 of adult patients were Syrian nationals (p>0,05). Clinical findings were similar in two groups although pediatric patients have more abdominal pain and adults have more myalgia/joint pain. Regarding laboratory findings, there was no statistically significant difference between two groups. Where no pediatric patient needed intensive care, two adult patients (%2,5) needed intensive care. None of patients died of leptospirosis.

Conclusions When the epidemiological, laboratory and clinical conditions of the patients were evaluated, no significant difference could be detected between the pediatric and adult groups. However, comparisons in larger series will help to better understand leptospirosis, which is on the rise due to global warming in last decades.

  • leptospirosis
  • pediatric
  • adult
  • infection

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