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OP-039 Evaluation of additional risk factors in newborns failing any stage of the national hearing screening program
  1. İbrahim Yilar
  1. Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neonatology


Aim Despite the national screening programs implemented in our country and worldwide, the late diagnosis of hearing loss is frequent, especially in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, and the variability of risk factors for hearing loss necessitates identifying additional risk factors that could be involved in the etiology of hearing loss, in addition to the risk factors included in our national screening program.

Material and Method Between 2019 and 2021, a total of 2235 newborns comprised our study population, with 1018 infants followed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) (Group 1) and 1217 infants monitored alongside their mothers during the same period (Group 2). The first, second and third test results conducted with ABR, along with the final audiologic test results, were taken into consideration. The risk factors of those who failed at any stage were retrospectively evaluated through univariate and multivariate analyses.

Results Of the 2235 newborns in the initial screening, 648 (29%) failed; in the second screening, 57 (9.73%) out of 586 newborns failed; and in the third screening, 13 out of 26 newborns (50%) failed. The final prevalence of hearing loss was determined to be 7.88 per 1000 (0.78%). In Group 1, hearing loss was 2.4 times more frequent compared to Group 2. Beyond the national hearing loss risk factors, it was found that a history of consanguineous marriage, cesarean delivery, male gender, hyperbilirubinemia requiring phototherapy, congenital heart disease, respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal seizures and formula feeding were significantly associated with hearing loss. Especially formula feeding was increasing the risk of hearing loss by 10 times.

Conclusions In addition to some risk factors included in the national hearing screening program, consanguinity between parents, 5 minute Apgar score≤6, neonatal seizures, and formula feeding were significant risk factors for hearing loss. We believe that these risk factors should also be evaluated in studies conducted on a national scale.

  • National newborn hearing screening
  • hearing loss
  • newborn
  • risk factors

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