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OP-005 Outcomes of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) admissions
  1. Gabriela Mineva,
  2. Lizeri Jansen,
  3. Anne Marie Murphy,
  4. Clodagh S O’Gorman
  1. University Hospital Limerick School of Medicine


Aim Paediatric patients presenting to the Emergency Department (ED) in an acute psychiatric crisis require evaluation by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Recent studies demonstrate a rise of paediatric admissions requiring CAMHS input. Currently, children’s needs are not being appropriately met on an acute general paediatric ward, resulting in delays of admission and investigations of other acute presentations due to bed utilisation. The aim of this study is to outline the burden of paediatric CAMHS admissions, identify cohort outcomes in a tertiary hospital to aid resource allocation and clinical guidance.

Material and Method A prospective cohort study was conducted in a tertiary hospital. Preliminary data was collected from: July 2023 - January 2024. Patient records were obtained, key variables were extracted and summarised in Microsoft Excel tables. Univariate and multivariate data analysis were conducted in SPSS® software.

Results Eighty-two paediatric admissions required CAMHS input, the majority were admitted through the Emergency Department (ED) in an acute crisis. The average age of patients was 13.85, with 83.6% being female. The average length of stay (LOS) was 3.85 days, shortest LOS of 1 day and longest LOS of 25 days. The total bed days over 6 months was 278 days. Presenting complaint varied between cases, some common causes include suicidal ideation, depression/low mood, deliberate self-harm (DSH), and non-accidental overdose. Majority of patients have a psychiatric history, with 78.5% already known to CAMHS services. Approximately half of patients were evaluated by CAMHS as inpatient, with the remainder discharged home with outpatient follow up.

Conclusions Paediatric admissions requiring CAMHS input on a general paediatric ward frequently experienced delay in accessing appropriate care. There is a need for a number of allocated beds for these presentations, in addition to an on-site CAMHS team. This will provide a rapid patient assessment, continuity of care and alleviate outpatient appointment burden.

  • outcomes
  • admissions
  • children
  • acute

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