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OP-006 The association between sleep disturbance, circadian preference, and depression in adolescents
  1. Necla İpar
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Koc University School of Medicine


Aim Adolescence is a critical period not only in terms of physical growth and the continuation of brain development, but also the manifestation of mental disorders. Sleep problems and circadian disruptions, in particular, have been associated with symptoms of depression in adolescents. The current study aims to assess any relationships between sleep disturbance, circadian preference and depression in Turkish adolescents.

Material and Method The study comprised 215 healthy adolescents (mean age 15.8±2.0; 35.8% male). Sleep disturbances and depression were assessed by the Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children (SDSC) and the Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI). Circadian preferences were evaluated using the Morningness-Eveningness Stability Scale improved (MESSi).

Results Increased depression scores above the cut-off CDI score (≥19) were found in 76 (35.6%) of the adolescents in the study. Sleep disturbance parameters were associated and correlated with depression (p<0.001 and r= 0.679; p<0.001, respectively). Morning affect and distinctness were inversely correlated with the CDI score and the SDSC score (r= -0.564; p<0.001, r= -0.489; p<0.001, r= -0.625; p<0.001, and r= -0.467; p<0.001, respectively). A longer duration of physical activity was significantly associated with lower depression (p=0.020).

Conclusions The findings showed that depression is a common problem in adolescents and is closely associated with sleep problems. Furthermore, depression and sleep disturbance were shown to be inversely related to morning affect. Increased awareness targeting lifestyle modifications to combat this issue is essential for this age group.

  • adolescents
  • depression
  • sleep
  • circadian preference
  • morning affect

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