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OP-046 Features of some diseases small intestine in children living in the region aralregion
  1. Nigora Aliyeva
  1. Тashkent Pediatrical Medical Institute


Aim Study the features of the clinical course diseases of the small intestine in children accompanied by the syndrome malabsorption, living in the Aral Sea region

Material and Method We examined 100 young children, living in the Aral Sea region ( Khorezn region and the Republic Karakalpakstan ) with diseases of the small intestine. All the children passed the following examination methods: clinical and anamnestic, laboratory and instrumental, parent surveys, analysis of primary data medical documents. Statistical processing of the obtained results was carried out with using application programs for statistical data processing StatisticaR version 6.0. Reliability of differences between compared groups were assessed using Student’s t tests. Differences between compared values were considered statistically significant at p<0.05.

Results According to the results of this study, among. There were 46 patients examined among children from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, and Khorezm region 54. By age category; from 0–1 year 52%, 1–3 years 21%, 3–7 years 19%, over 7 years 8%, of the total number of children are boys were 61%, and girls - 39%, which corresponds to literature data, about the predominance of gastrointestinal pathology among males

Conclusions T he main manifestation of malabsorption syndrome was dyspeptic syndrome of protein-energy malnutrition deficiency, which contributed to the disharmonious development of children. U all children had rickets, anemia, polyhypovitaminosis and this promotes low immune reactivity of the body and high frequency of acute viral respiratory and intestinal infections.

  • Aral Sea region
  • small intestine
  • children
  • malabsorption

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