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OP-051 Vitamin C deficiency in children
  1. Galina Khasanova1,
  2. Alina Vyatkina1,
  3. Vera Shadrina2
  1. 1Perm Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital
  2. 2Perm State Medical University named after Academician E. A. Wagner (PSMU)


Aim Scurvy is a forgotten disease.

Material and Method For the first time we observed patients aged 4, 8 and 11 years with clinical manifestations of vitamin C deficiency in children in the neurological department of a children’s hospital.

Results Children upon admission to the hospital complained about pain in the legs, lameness, and the children refused to walk. A hemorrhagic rash was noted. All children had eating disorders - they refused to eat fresh vegetables and fruits over the past three months. One 8 year old patient had autism. In the first case, a 4-year-old girl, a diagnosis was especially difficult to establish. She was in the hospital for almost more than a month. Autoimmune diseases, cancer, surgical pathology, tuberculosis, and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children were excluded. Taking into account the characteristics of eating behavior, pain syndrome, hemorrhagic rashes and vitamin B12 deficiency, scurvy was suspected and vitamin C therapy was prescribed. C. The amount of vitamin C was 5.2 mg (during hospitalization the girl received Nutrizon (vitamin C content 12.9 mg in 100 ml of isocaloric mixture)). After this incident doctors already knew about this disease, the second patient, 8 years old, was admitted with a characteristic clinical picture of scurvy like the first patient and was tested for vit. Therapy was started immediately. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the analysis was not performed and the blood was taken again on the 5th day of vitamin C therapy. Vitamin C the level was 6.1 mg. The third patient, 11 years old, has a pain syndrome and a bruise rash with a sieve level. vitamin C amount was 1.26 mg.

Conclusions During Vitamin C therapy all children showed positive dynamics of relief of pain and hemorrhagic syndrome.

  • Scurvy
  • pain in the legs
  • hemorrhagic syndrome
  • vitamin C
  • children

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