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OP-061 Pneumonia in newborns
  1. Nigora Alieva,
  2. Dilfuza Turdieva
  1. Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute


Aim To analyze the dynamics of clinical features of pneumonia of neonates.

Pneumonia in newborns

Material and Method We conducted a clinical examination of newborns with pneumonia hospitalized in the clinical departments of GKDB No. 1 of Tashkent city. 40 newborn children were examined, 18 of them were admitted to the clinic from maternity hospitals and 22 newborns were admitted from home.

Results Analysis of obstetric and gynecologic anamnesis of mothers of the studied children showed: mothers of the examined children during pregnancy and delivery had a high frequency of acute respiratory diseases (30%), carrier of TORCH infection (20%) and threatening miscarriages were observed in (6%). In 35% of cases the pregnancy proceeded against the background of anemia and 15% of polyuria. In 22.5% of cases, delivery was authorized by cesarean section, including 10% for placental abruption, 12.5% large fetus, and 7.5% breech presentation. It was revealed that the condition of majority of children in the study came from pediatric clinics in moderate and severe conditions. Pneumonia in 81.8% of cases had an acute onset, clinically manifested by wet cough and rigid breathing, symptoms of intoxication. The presence of febrile fever in the first days of the disease was noted in 81.8% of cases, and in 18.2% of cases the disease proceeded without an increase in body temperature. Tachypnea and respiration with the participation of the auxiliary muscles of the thorax were detected in 81.8% of newborns who fell ill at home. Skin cyanosis and nasolabial triangle cyanosis were evident in 68.1% of cases.

Conclusions The results of the study allow a more qualified approach to the peculiarities of pneumonia in early infants and implement modern prevention and treatment measures.

  • pneumonia
  • newborn
  • dynamics
  • clinical exam.

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