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OP-064 Automated analysis programme of the ciliary epithelium movements of the respiratory tract for the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia
  1. Tatiana Kiian,
  2. Svetlana Smirnikhina,
  3. Ann Demchenko,
  4. Roman Veiko,
  5. Elana Kondratyeva
  1. Research Centre for Medical Genetics


Aim To create of a computer program for automated analysis of the function of the ciliary epithelium of the respiratory tract for the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia by digital high-speed video microscopy in vitro and in vivo.

Material and Method Five healthy donors and 10 patients with suspected PCD underwent nasal epithelial brush biopsy. The in vivo preparations were examined in a transmission electron microscope. Epithelial cells were also isolated from the nasal biopsy specimen and ciliogenesis of the obtained cells was performed by ALI-cultivation, followed by digital high-speed video microscopy and assessment of the number of active cells and cilia beating frequency. The resulting video images were used to create a computer program.

Results ’Program for determination of ciliary epithelium beat frequency in primary ciliary dyskinesia’ was created to optimize the diagnosis of PCD by light microscopy (program registration number №2023687245). The program is designed to count the number of active cells of ciliary epithelium and CBF (Hz) by digital high-speed video microscopy in vivo and in vitro in ALI-culture. The program includes: storage of patient data, display of heat maps, formation of a large server database of patients and video files, construction of color and statistical histograms, processing of multiple sections in one video. The program has a number of better characteristics in comparison with CiliarMove and Cilialyzer programs, has high correlation of CFB (Hz) estimation with these programs.

Conclusions This program can be used for improvement of PCD diagnostics in laboratories of medical and preventive institutions, in scientific institutions and can be included in educational programs of specialists training: laboratory doctors, pediatricians, therapists, pulmonologists, doctors of functional diagnostics (endoscopists).

  • cilia beating

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