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OP-010 The effect of antiepileptic drugs on growth and development, thyroid functions and bone metabolism in children
  1. Gulsah Ziroglu1,
  2. Esra Deniz Papatya Cakir2,
  3. Tuğçe Aras Çöl2
  1. 1Arnavutkoy Public Hospital
  2. 2Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital


Aim The aim of the study is to evaluate the relationship between growth-development, thyroid functions and bone metabolism with antiepileptic drugs and duration of treatment in children with epilepsy.

Material and Method Children aged 0–18 years who were followed up for epilepsy between 01.01.2020–01.04.2021 were retrospectively analyzed. 90 participants, including 30 children using levetiracetam (LEV) and 30 children using valproic acid (VPA), 30 healthy children who applied for routine control were included. Demographics, clinical and laboratory data were examined.

Results Of 90 children, 41 (45.6%) were boys and 49 (54.4%) were girls, with mean age of 10.7±3.7. The gender and age distributions were homogeneous between two groups. There was no significant difference in height-weight-BMI SDS (p>0.05). The highest TSH level was detected in VPA group (p=0.0177). However, mean fT4, Ca, P, Mg levels and thyromegaly distribution did not differ between groups (p>0.05). All children in control and VPA groups had normal ALP levels, but three in LEV group showed abnormal levels (p=0.0449). No significant difference was found in PTH and albumin levels between groups (p>0.05). 60% of children had vitamin D levels measured in spring as 9.91±3.5 ng/mL and 40% in autumn season as 15.39 ± 7.3 ng/mL which was significantly higher than the mean of spring season (p=0.0001). In spring, the mean 25(OH)D3 level were significantly lower in LEV group compared to control group (p=0.0338).

Conclusions There was no abnormality in height-weight-BMI SDS values of patients using VPA and LEV. VPA caused an increase in TSH level without changing fT4 level. No effect of LEV on thyroid functions was observed. There was no significant effect of VPA and LEV on bone metabolism parameters. Vitamin D level was low in all groups independent of antiepileptic use.

  • Epilepsy
  • levetiracetam
  • valproic acid
  • thyroid diseases
  • bone metabolism

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