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OP-092 The effect of postpartum depression to early breastfeeding
  1. Busra Nukhet Pehlivanoglu
  1. University of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Cemil Tascioglu Training and Resarch Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, İstanbul, Turkey


Aim The aim of the present study was to asses any differences in terms of Edinburghdepression scale between two goups of puerperal mothers, consisting of those whoachieved breastfeeding success and those who required formula feeding support asa result of breastfeeding failure.

Material and Method 43 puerperal women between the ages of 20 to 35, who underwent C-sectionbetween 06–08.2021 in a single center were enrolled. Patients’ Edinburg postpartumdepression scale data, gender of newborns, birth week, newborn’s birth weight andage of mothers were recorded and assessed.

Results Study population was composed of puerperal women with all a birthweek above 37weeks, together with newborns weighting above 2000 grams and having no need ofnewborn hospital admission. The mean age of the mothers was 29,2 ±1,3. Womenwith high Edinburgh postpartum depression scale scores were compared in terms ofbreastfeeding and newborn gender, while no statistical correlation was detected(p:0,601, 0,658).

Conclusions Eventhough it is naturally thought, that in case of mother’s depression, breastfeedingcould be affected in a negative way, the present study concluded, that earlybreasfeeding and mothers’ depression scale scores did not have any statisticallysignificant correlation. It was also concluded, that especially in the rural eastern partof Turkey, where is a high desire for a male newborn associated with oppresion towomen in concordance with that, no significant association was found betweennewborn gender and high depression scale scores.

  • Edinburg postpartum depression scale
  • mother’s depression
  • Early breastfeeding
  • Rural area
  • Eastern part of Turkey

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