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PP-003 Features of innate immunity in children who have undergone covid-19
  1. Viktor Gankovsky1,
  2. Leyla Namazova-Baranova1,
  3. Lyudmila Gankovskaya2,
  4. Elena Zinina2
  1. 1Research Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health Protection NCC No.2 of the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery named after academician B.V. Petrovsky
  2. 2Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov


Aim To evaluate and analyze the indicators of innate immunity in children who have undergone COVID-19

Material and Method 55 children with COVID-19 and 25 healthy patients (control group) were examined. The first group included 9 patients without any pronounced symptoms of COVID-19. The second group included 36 patients with slightly pronounced symptoms of the disease. The third group included 10 patients with a moderate form of the disease. To determine the indicators of innate immunity, the PCR method was used, the multiplex immunofluorescence analysis method was used to determine the level of proinflammatory cytokines.

Results According to the results of our study, a statistically significant increase in the expression of TLRs genes was revealed in patients who underwent COVID-19, in comparison with the control group. The greatest increase in the expression of these TLR4 genes by 2.6 and TLR7 by 7.2 times was observed in the group of patients with more pronounced clinical manifestations of this disease (figure 1). The relationship between the severity of COVID-19 and the degree of increased expression of IL-1ß, TNFa, IFN-α cytokines in patients was also revealed. The data obtained indicate an imbalance in the indicators of innate immunity of the mucous membrane in children who have undergone COVID-19.

Abstract PP-003 Figure 1

Expression of TLR4 and TLR7 genes in oropharyngeal mucosa cells of children with COVID-19 with different severity of course and comparison group.

Conclusions The presented results of our study will help in assessing the severity and prognosis of the course of COVID-19 in children. To date, the study continues to evaluate the effectiveness of the ongoing and optimal treatment of this disease.

  • innate immunity
  • COVID-19
  • TLRs

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