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PP-005 Hypersensitivity reactions to vaccines in children
  1. Khalsi Fatma,
  2. Helaoui Nouha,
  3. Kbaier Soumaya,
  4. Trabelsi Ines,
  5. Boussetta Khedija
  1. Children’s Hospital of Tunis


Aim To describe clinical features, diagnostic investigations, therapeutic methods and outcome of hypersensitivity reactions to vaccines.

Material and Method We conducted a retrospective and descriptive study including 10 medical recors of children investigated for vaccine hypersensitivity at the pediatric department B during a period of 3 years.

Results Five girls and five boys were included. The mean age of the patients was 25 months[5 months-7.5years]. Six patients presented a reaction of hypersensitivity to vaccines containing diphteria, pertussis, tetanus, polio and haemophilus Influenzae type B antigens (DPT Polio Hib), 3 to hepatitis B vaccine and one seven-year-old girl presented an anaphylaxis to RR( rubelle, measles). Personal history of atopy was foind in four cases and maternal atopy was reporrted in two cases. Immediate-type hypersensitivity to vaccines was noted in all cases, including cutaneous involvment (urticaria and angioedema). Skin tests ( pick and intradermal) were performed and were positive in 5 cases. The responsible vaccine was injected using a ‘desensitization’ procedue, performed under medical supervision in the pediatric ward, leading to a complete vaccinal calendar in all cases.

Conclusions Most frequent allergic-like reactions to vaccines are non specific. Generalized reactions are less frequent, but more worrying than non allergic reactions. the investigations bases on skin tests, and booster injections to vaccines have a good diagnostic value. If the vaccine is compulsory, the responsible vaccine should be injected using a desensitization procedure.

  • allergy
  • vaccine
  • child
  • anaphylaxis
  • allergic reactions

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