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PP-007 Transient hypoxia of myocardium in children during long-covid
  1. Aysel Suleymanli,
  2. Ulviyya Hajiyeva,
  3. Naila Sultanova,
  4. Tarana Tagi-zade
  1. Azerbaijan Medical University


Aim The main goal of the study is to study the genesis of pain and its development due to cardiac changes in children who complain of heart pain in the post-covid period.

Material and Method 48 children aged 4–18 years, who complained of pain, tightness, and weakness in the heart region, were examined by clinical-instrumental methods (ECG, EchoCG, Holter-monitor ECG).

Results However, the 24-hour Holter ECG examination carried out by us showed the inversion of positive T-waves, the transition to negative waves, in 32 children, during a short time (3–5 min.) when there was complainant pain in the heart area. ST revealed a deep below the isoline, so it shows the development of transient hypoxia/ischemia in the myocardium in these children. Mitral and aortic regurgitation were determined during echocardiography in patients, in contrast to previous examination results.

Conclusions Thus, if there is a complaint such as pain in the heart area in children with COVID-19, it is important and appropriate to conduct a Holter ECG examination in addition to ECG, and Echo ECG examination to determine that this pain is of cardiac origin - transient hypoxia, ischemia.

  • long-covid19
  • transient hypoxia of myocardium
  • children
  • Holter ECG
  • EchoCG

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