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PP-024 Сardiovascular complications in children with juvenile arthritis with systemic onset
  1. Nilufar Akhmedova,
  2. Farangiz Saydalieva,
  3. Shakhlo Yarashova
  1. Tashkent Paediatric Medical Institute


Aim To investigate the frequency of cardiovascular complications in children with children with juvenile arthritis with systemic onset (JAwSO) according to the data of retrospective analysis.

Material and Method A retrospective analysis of 61 case histories of patients with JAWSO treated in 2022 in the Cardio-Rheumatology Department of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Centre of Pediatrics was performed. Complaints, anamnestic data, results of objective examination, laboratory and instrumental parameters were studied when analysing case histories.

Results According to the results of analysis of physical, instrumental and functional parameters registered in the medical records of patients with JAwSO, the incidence of cardiovascular complications was 52.5%. Records of auscultatory changes during objective examinations testified to the presence of systolic murmur in 98.4%, muffled heart tones in 40.9% of patients. Radiological studies indicated the presence of cardiomegaly in 9.8% of cases. ECG of the patients revealed the following: sinus tachycardia (16.4%), sinus arrhythmia (3.3%), signs of right (4.9%) and left ventricular hypertrophy (4.9%), right bundle branch blockade (4.9%). Despite the presence of physical changes on the cardiac side EchoCG studies were not performed. According to MCT in one patient with JAwSO signs of carditis were revealed (1.6%). Analysis of laboratory parameters indicated the presence of high degree of laboratory activity in the form of leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, increased level of transaminases, progressive anaemia, significantly accelerated CRP, high level of CRP. The CRP values ranged from 60 to 240 and averaged 25.7±5.1 mg/L, which is 5 times higher than normal (up to 5 mg/L) (p≤0.01) and is an independent prospective risk factor for cardiovascular complications.

Conclusions The data of the retrospective analysis indicate a high risk of cardiovascular complications in children with JAwSO, which confirms the necessity of determining cardiac-specific markers and performing instrumental studies in all patients.

  • juvenile arthritis with systemic onset
  • cardiovascular complications
  • frequency
  • children

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