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PP-046 Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) in two healthy children
  1. Amina Aijjou
  1. Hopital Riviera-Chablais


Aim Consider PRESS within a comprehensive differential diagnosis of acute encephalopathy in a previous healthy child.

Material and Method We reported two healthy children admitted in our paediatric ER with PRES syndrome, both without any known risk factors except a transient HTA.

Results Both patients are boys, 11 and 10 years old, healthy with no medication intake. Both had a banal viral infection prior to hospitalization. They had a combination of common clinical and radiological characteristics confirming a diagnosis of PRES, as reported in literature. They had grade II severe hypertension. Routine laboratories investigations were normal, and there were no renal anomalies. Extensive investigation disclosed no cause for their HTA. Neurologic clinical course was rapidly favourable. The first case was treated for HTA for 3 months by an ACE-inhibitor. The second had a calcium channel blocker for few days

Conclusions PRES is rare in children and often associated with concomitant renal disorders. To the best of our knowledge the two cases are among the first publications of PRES syndrome with a common viral infection as a possible risk factor

  • PRES-Childhood-HTA

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