Table 8

Summary of articles discussing assent

Reference (year)Study descriptionStudy locationMajor findings
Khabour et al 23 (2017)Qualitative research—Focus groups to explore parental perceptions about the informed consent and assent process for researchJordanFindings show an acceptable understanding of many aspects related to the consent process. However, some parents believed that informed consent is not necessary for questionnaire studies, there were discrepancies regarding the appropriate age for a child’s assent, and some parents said they would force their child to participate regardless of child’s wishes.
Vreeman et al 35 (2009)Case study—Paediatric assent for a study on antiretroviral therapyKenyaAuthors describe the process of getting review by both US and Kenyan IRBs, mentioning that there is no guideline about how joint review should be conducted. Authors present the differences between the two countries regarding appropriate age for obtaining assent, and discuss local laws, practices and international guidelines.
  • IRB, institutional review board.