Table 1

Consistencies of liquids and purees

Consistency*Description*Examples of consistency
Thin liquidFlows quickly through prongs of a fork, leaving little or no residueMilk, infant formula
Thick liquid (nectar-like)Flows through prongs of a fork, leaving slight residueTomato juice
Thin puree (honey-like)Coats the prongs of a fork and slowly sinks through.
Flows in a continuous narrow stream when poured.
Room temperature honey
Medium pureeFlows in a continuous wide stream when pouredPancake mix
Baby fruit puree
Thick puree (spoon-thick)Does not pour. Drops off the spoon in a soft bolus. Can be eaten with a spoon but not a fork. Does not hold its shapeApple sauce
  • *Terminology adapted from National Dysphagia Diet Task Force and Marcus and Breton.6 7.