Table 2

Comparison of protocols for the management of SSRI-exposed neonates

Protocol 1Protocol 2Protocol 3Protocol 4
Signs and symptoms of withdrawal•Irritability
•Increased tone
•Feeding difficulties
•Poor feeding
•Respiratory distress
•Muscle tone abnormalities
•Excess crying
•Sleep disturbance
•Feeding problems
Duration of hospital stay24 hoursNot mentioned48 hours48 hours
Regime of observationsFour hourlyNot mentionedEight hourly (increased if high scores)Eight hourly (increased if high scores)
Scoring system usedNot mentionedNot mentionedAdapted Rivers scoring chart, with Finnegan scoring thresholds.10 11 ‘Inpatient scoring system’ recommended but no reference to a specific system made.
Finnegan scoring thresholds used.10
Treatment of symptomatic infantsNot mentionedNot mentionedChlorpromazine or phenobarbitonePhenobarbitone