Table 2

Drug regimens used as the initial maintenance therapy of symptomatic heart failure related to dilated cardiomyopathy

Drug combinationsn/total%
Single-drug regimen
Two-drug regimen
 ACE-I+Loop diuretic 12/100 12
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist1/1001
 ACE-I+Thiazide diuretic1/1001
 Aldosterone antagonist+Loop diuretic2/1002
Three-drug regimen
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Loop diuretic 20/100 20
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta-blocker4/1004
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Thiazide diuretic1/1001
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Cardiac glycoside3/1003
 ACE-I+Beta blocker+Loop diuretic7/1007
 ACE-I+Beta blocker+Thiazide diuretic1/1001
 ACE-I+Cardiac glycoside+Loop diuretic4/1004
 Aldosterone antagonist+Loop diuretic+Thiazide1/1001
Four-drug regimen
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Loop diuretic 14/100 14
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Thiazide diuretic4/1004
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Loop diuretic+Cardiac glycoside3/1003
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Loop diuretic+Thiazide diuretic1/1001
 ACE-I+ARB +  Loop diuretic+Cardiac glycoside1/1001
 Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Cardiac glycoside+Loop diuretic1/1001
Five-drug regimen
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Loop diuretic+Thiazide diuretic4/1004
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Cardiac glycoside+Loop diuretic3/1003
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Cardiac glycoside+Loop diuretic+Acetylsalicylic acid1/1001
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+Beta blocker+Loop diuretic+Ivabradine1/1001
Six-drug regimen
 ACE-I+Aldosterone antagonist+ARB +  Beta-blocker+Loop diuretic+Thiazide diuretic1/1001
  • Most of the participants start with 2 (20%), 3 (41%) or 4 (24%) drugs in combination. One third of participants (34%) reported starting with a drug combination that includes four or more drugs. Figures for the three drug regimens that were reported most frequently have been emphasised in bold.

  • ACE-I, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors; ARB, angiotensin II receptor blockers.