Table 1

Overview of original maternal cohorts and characteristics during pregnancy

Maternal pregnancy characteristicsOriginal cohortWomen in cohortRecruitment
Bariatric surgery before pregnancyPregnancy after bariatric surgery cohort20 N=49Five Flemish hospitals
Inclusion before 15 weeks of gestation
Bariatric surgery registration in women of reproductive age cohort22 Aim 200 (still recruiting)Eight Flemish hospitals
Inclusion before bariatric surgery
Normal weightBogaerts et al
N=156Three regional Belgian hospitals
Overweight or obesity during pregnancyGuelinckx et al
N=65University Hospital of Leuven
Bogaerts et al
N=63Three regional Belgian hospitals
Overweight or obesity with lifestyle intervention during pregnancyDALI cohort23 29 N=100University Hospital of Leuven, part of European randomised controlled trial
Guelinckx et al
N=130University Hospital of Leuven