Table 2

The contents of the questionnaires and the different time points

Ill child and siblings, 6–7 yearsIll child and siblings, 8–12 yearsIll child, 13–19 yearsSiblings, 13 years and olderParents/guardians
Background and family characteristicsxxxxx
Family communication
 FACES IV (family communication)xxxxxxxxxxx
 Study-specific questionsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Knowledge about the illness (study-specific questions)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Resilience (resilience scale)xxxxxxxxxxx
Quality of life (PedsQL)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grief experiences associated with illness (PG-12)xxxxxx
About the FTI (study-specific questions)
 Experiences of participationxxxxxxxxxx
  • B, baseline; F1, follow-up 1; F2, follow-up 2; FACES IV, Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scale IV; FTI, family talk intervention; PedsQL, Paediatric Quality of Life Inventory; PG-12, Prolonged Grief Disorder.