Table 1

Proportion of children who were included or missing at sweep 7 by demographic characteristics

Missing from sample (%)Included in sample (%)
Family type
 Lone parent29.713.2
 Living with partner70.386.8
Age of mother at birth of cohort child
 Under 2012.63.8
 40 or older2.64.0
Income quintile
 Bottom quintile31.014.5
 Top quintile14.122.3
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation Quintiles
 5—Most deprived32.117.5
 1—Least deprived14.222.1
Education level of mother
 No qualifications14.76.2
 Standard Grades or above26.115.1
 Highers or above59.278.7
Child ethnic group
Child sex
Urban/rural indicator
 Large urban40.136.7
 Other urban34.629.4
 Small accessible towns9.29.8
 Small remote towns2.53.2
 Accessible rural10.515.4
 Remote rural3.15.4
Base 1761 3456