Table 2

Measures of health service use

MeasureData sourceOutcome measured
GP attendanceMedicare billing dataTotal no and type of GP visits
Paediatrician attendanceMedicare billing dataTotal no and type of specialist physician visits
Audiology assessmentMedicare billing dataTotal no of audiology attendances
Dental assessmentDHPDS databaseTotal no of dental visits
Optometry assessmentMedicare billing dataTotal no of optometry visits
Mental health visitsMedicare billing data (psychiatry, psychology, GP mental health visits)
Visit to mental health service as recorded in CMI/ODS
Total no of mental health attendances; subtotals for different services
Community health centre visitsCHMDS databaseNo and type of community health services
ED attendancesVEMDTotal no of visits to ED
Hospital admissionsVAEDTotal no of admissions to hospital
Hospital outpatient clinic attendancesVINAHTotal no of outpatient clinic attendances and type of clinic
  • CHMDS, Community Health Minimum Dataset; CMI/ODS, Client Management Interface/Operational Dataset; DHPD, Dental Health Program Dataset; ED, emergency department; GP, general practitioner; VAED, Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset; VEMD, Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset; VINAH, Victorian Integrated Non-admitted Health Dataset.