Table 1

EU/EEA countries that provide health examinations for newly arrived asylum-seeking and refugee children with an aim to assess healthcare needs as well as to screen for communicable disorders

MandatoryVoluntaryMigrant groups covered
AustriaAll children without permanent residency.
DenmarkAsylum seekers and people granted refugee status.
FinlandAsylum seekers.
IcelandEveryone that is applying for permanent residency and comes from Central and South America, European countries that are not part of the EEA, Asia and Africa. If these individuals have a ratified health certificate that was issued less than 3 months ago, they are exempt from such assessment.
IrelandAll migrants, including returning emigrants, those who come voluntarily to work, asylum seekers undocumented or irregular migrants.
MaltaAll migrants in need of international protection including migrants arriving by sea.
The Netherlands✓*Third-country citizens applying for residency and asylum seekers. Tuberculosis screening of the Municipal Public Health Service will be held for special groups, such as illegal immigrants and the homeless.
Norway✓*Asylum seekers.
Poland✓*Asylum seekers.
SwedenAsylum seekers, refugees and family relations to these groups.
UKAsylum seekers.
  • *Mandatory screening for tuberculosis.