Table 2

Characteristics of children recruited for the communication study at each site and for non-respondents

CharacteristicSite ASite BSite CSite DOverallAll non-respondents
Total responses115929682385200
Black or minority ethnic (%)23352372224
Complication (%)506146495152
Neonate (<30 days)51%42%27%34%39%37%
Child (>1 year)17%15%37%33%25%24%
Length of stay a week or less20%13%10%7%13%17%
Length of stay 1–3 weeks46%54%58%63%55%45%
Length of stay over 3 weeks34%33%32%29%32%38%
Child over 7 (excluded from Q1 and Q3 analysis)5%3%5%9%5%6%