Table 1

Clinical content framework for neonatal handovers (core content elements are represented in bold)

Patient historyHandoff elements
AntepartumAge, gestational age, gravida/para, multiple gestation, blood type, rhogam status, genetic studies and sonographic findings.
IntrapartumGBS (Group B Streptococcus), RPR, rubella, HIV/hepatitis B, chorioamnionitis, position of the baby, size of the baby, biophysical profile, maternal diabetes, maternal drug/urine toxicology, steroid status, maternal drug status, medications and psychiatric history.
DeliveryType of delivery, induction, reason for induction, reason for C-section, rupture of membrane time and type, colour of amniotic fluid, reason for NICU attendance and fetal heart rate/tracing.
  • NICU,┬áneonatal intensive care unit.