Table 3

Examples from interviews regarding the challenges faced by residents and nurses during handovers

BarriersRoot contributor(s) (with examples from the data)
Variability in handover contentLimited time available for handover preparation. ‘Limited time especially in urgent or crash CS (Cesarean Section). Looking up stuff takes time (RN1).
If mom just comes and delivers then there is no time to look up details in chart. I then read out the antepartum assessment sheet, which is sometimes not updated’ (RN2).
 Information is fragmented and distributed in different sources making access difficult.Pregnancy summary report. Review of results, power notes, antepartum assessment sheet. Information is at a lot of places’ (RN1).
Tools helpful but they are scattered, most of the time. I have to look at multiple places’ (RN2).
There are a lot of sources which I have to access to get information in the mother’s chart’ (RN3).
 Inconsistent use of tools for handovers.Sometimes, they have their own list, some use antepartum assessment sheet’ (MD1).
Sometime there is no tool used’ (MD2).
‘[U]se antepartum sheet and add anything significant that happened’ (RN1).
Variability in the handover processInconsistencies in how handover is conducted.Inconsistent, some people better at giving information’ (MD1).
‘It is not consistent, dependent on who is giving the handoff’ (MD6).
Not very consistent. I gown up, and sometimes sign-out is whispered’ (MD8).