Table 3

Interventions: components of task-specific training for included studies

StudyTask-specific intervention/sKey characteristics of task-specific trainingComponents of the TIDiER checklist
Overall approachMotor learning strategies reportedDosage
(total hours)
Goal-directed Motor learning driven Feedback Cogn. strat. Repet. practice Task mod. Environ. mod Obs. learning Dual task learning Reported?
Group designs
AACPDM level II and III task-specific versus comparisonBar-Haim et al 27 Motor learning coaching1 hour, 3 days/week for 3 months
(36 hours)
SchoolNSTrained PT
Bleyenheuft et al 25 HABIT-ILE9 hours/day for 10 consecutive days
(90 hours)
Recreation campGroupTrained PTs, OTs, and PT/OT students
Declerck et al 26 Swimming skills programme40–50 mins, 2 days/week for 10 weeks
(15 hours)
Swimming poolGroupPT and PT students
Grecco et al 28 Overground walking30 mins, 2 days/week for 7 weeks
(7 hours)
Ketelaar et al 33 Functional therapy6 months—intensity or hours NS
Clinic and homeNSTrained PTs and parents
Kumban et al 29 Sit-to-stand task training20 min, 3 days/week for 6 weeks
(6 hours)
SchoolNSChild’s own PT
Swe et al 30 Overground walking30 mins, 2 days/week for 8 weeks
(8 hours)
Capio et al 31 Functional motor skills training45 mins, 1 day/week for 4 weeks
(3 hours)
NSNSEach child’s regular PT
Level I and III task-specific vs task-specificHemayattalab et al 32 Throwing task with different feedback conditionsTwo sessions in 2 days
Hemayattalab and Rostami 34 Throwing task with different feedback conditionsEight sessions
Intensity or hours NS
NSNSSpecialist trainers
Löwing et al e35 Activity focused individual therapy vs goal-directed therapy✓ (goal group only)✓ inc. home programmeThree sessions/fortnight for 12 weeks
Clinic and home/preschoolGroup and individualPT, OT, SP, teacher and parents
Level IVSorsdahl et al 36 Functional family centred goal-directed therapy✓ inc. home programme3 hours, 5 days/week for 3 weeks
(45 hours)
ClinicGroupTrained PTs and parents
Single-subject design
Level IThorpe and Valvano14 Novel motor task learning with different conditionsThree sessions over 5 days
SchoolIndividualPT (also the PI)
  • Cogn, cognitive; environ, environmental; inc, including; NS, not stated; HABIT-ILE, Hand Arm Bimanual Intensive Training Including Lower Extremity; mod, modification; PI, principal investigator; Obs, observational; OT, occupational therapist; PT, physiotherapist; SP, speech therapist; Strat, strategies; TIDiER, Template for Intervention Descriptions and Replication; trained, trained in specific intervention protocol.