Table 4

Post hoc secondary outcomes in NCPAP and nHFOV groups

Newborn characteristicsNCPAP (n=34)nHFOV (n=34)P value
PO2 1 hour after intervention, mmHg59.88 (14.87)58.17 (21.66)0.70
PCO2 1 hour after intervention, mmHg38.59 (8.30)40.79 (7.82)0.26
HCO3 1 hour after intervention21.83 (2.46)22.07 (2.51)0.69
BE 1 hour after intervention−2.9 (−3.9 to −1.9)−2.1 (−4.1 to −1.09)0.57*
pH 1 hour after intervention7.36 (0.07)7.36 (0.06)0.73
  • Values in table are frequency (%) for categorical, mean (SD) for normally distributed continuous variables and median (IQR; Q1: first quartile, Q3: third quartile) for non-normally distributed continuous variables.

  • *Resulted from non-parametric Mann-Whitney U test and other p values are based on applying independent samples t-test. Multiple testing adjustment based on Bonferroni approach was applied for calculating the p values.

  • BE, base excess; HCO3, bicarbonate; NCPAP, nasal continuous positive airway pressure; PCO2, partial pressure of carbon dioxide; PO2, partial pressure of oxygen; nHFOV, nasal high-frequency oscillatory ventilation.