Table 4

Growth measure z-scores among infants with or without maternal hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (multiple imputation used to impute missing values n=29 626)

Infants with maternal hyperglycaemia in pregnancyInfants without maternal hyperglycaemia in pregnancyP value*
Weight z-score at discharge−1.26−1.390.19
Change in weight z-score−0.58−0.650.2
Length z-score at discharge−1.54−1.610.35
Change in length z-score−1.17−1.170.35
Head circumference z-score at discharge0.390.220.2
Change in head circumference z-score0.340.260.49
  • *Multivariate logistic regression analysis with adjustment for maternal age, parity, mode of delivery, sex, antenatal steroid use, gestational week and SGA.

  • SGA, small for gestational age.