Table 2

Multilevel logistic regression for sex, anthropometric measurements and birth period as predictors for team sport participation with random effect of school (n=528)

OR95% CISignificance
Sex0.310.19 to 0.49p<0.001
Age (months)0.970.95 to 1.00p>0.05
Height (cm)0.980.93 to 1.02p>0.05
Weight (kg)1.050.95 to 1.16p>0.05
Waist circumference (cm)0.940.88 to 1.00p<0.05
Mid-upper arm circumference (cm)1.130.94 to 1.35p>0.05
Body fat (%)0.970.90 to 1.04p>0.05
Birth period (born in first vs second half of year)0.790.54 to 1.16p>0.05
School SES quintile1.110.91 to 1.38p>0.05
Random- effects Estimate95% CI
School deviation0.510.28 to 0.93p=0.001
  • Data are reported as coefficients and OR with 95% CI.

  • SES, socioeconomic status.