Table 2

Evaluation of child-specific hospital resources

ResourceHospitalFormatTarget audience (years)Information providedInteractivity*Link
Hospital staffMedical equipmentHospital amenitiesCheck in procedurePresurgical and post-op procedurePreparing for hospitalMedical procedures
Texas Children's Activity Book Texas Children's HospitalActivity book5–15†Games, fill out information about themselves, collect staff autographs and stickersPDF
Children's Mercy Hospital Surgery Teaching Books Children's Mercy HospitalBook4–7None
What to Expect at Your Hospital Stay at Seattle Children's Seattle Children's HospitalPhoto book≥6†Fill out information about themselves
Story booklets to help children prepare for procedures Nottingham University Hospitals NHSStory booklets≥6†None
Getting Ready for Hospital videos Royal Children's Hospital MelbourneVideo≥6†None
Get to know the people videos Royal Children's Hospital MelbourneVideo≥6†None
Get to know RCH Royal Children's Hospital MelbourneVideo≥6†None
Kids and Teenagers website Children's Hospital, Westmead and Sydney Children's Hospital, RandwichWebsite3–11 and teenagersNavigate through tabs
Okee in Medical Imaging Royal Children's Hospital, MelbourneApp4–12†Games
Welcome Activity Book UCDavis Children's Hospital, SacramentoActivity book≥6†Games, fill out information about themselvesPDF
Children's website Bristol Royal Hospital for ChildrenWebsite≥8†Navigate through tabs
  • *Interactivity level defined as engagement in other ways aside from reading.

  • †Not specified but content assessed as suitable for this age.