Table 2

Antiepileptic drugs prescription rates in other parts of the world

Country (Ref)YearPatients (n)Poly%Prevalence*VPA %CBZ %PHT %PBT %LTG %TPM %LEV %OXC %Others (%)
Jordan41 201469433513343341
Cuba42 200992365237524511CZP,(3) ETX (0.4)
Hong Kong10 2005–200921†58/3632/303/37/88/77/72/71/3CLB (12/14), ETX (0.3/0.5), VGB (2/2), GBP (2/1)
Singapore11 2000–20093740/3823/273/429/133/20/30/6VGB (1/1)
South Korea15 20072432161718
Taiwan8 2003–2007138†12/77/62/165/2419/1021/90/1829/9VGB (44/36), GBP (2/1)
USA14 1999–200646662746291381516828GBP,(11) ETX,(5) ZNS,(3) TGB(1)
  • Data for empty cells unavailable. Data before and after slash represent the earliest and most recent data for the study.

  • *Prevalence per 10 000 persons.

  • †Prevalence in the final year of study.

  • CBZ, carbamazepine; CLB, clobazam; CZP, clonazepam; ETX, ethosuximide; GBP, gabapentin; LEV, levetiracetam; LTG, lamotrigine; OXC, oxcarbazepine; PBT, phenobarbital; PHT, phenytoin; poly%, percentage polytherapy; STM, sulthiame; TGB, tiagabine; TPM, topiramate; VGB, vigabatrin; VPA, sodium valproate; ZNS, zonisamide.