Table 1

Details of interviews

IntervieweesInterview seriesFormatDepartmentQuestions
Paediatric patients >24 hours into their admission*1SSAcute receiving unit1.Do you know who all the people who have helped you are?
2.Have you asked the people any questions?
3.Do you understand why you are in hospital?
4.What activities would you like to do in hospital?
Families2SSAcute receiving unit1.Did your child receive any resources while in hospital?
2.Did they like/use the resource?
3.What questions do your children ask you about being in hospital?
4.What information would you like to be provided?
5.Were you given information regarding: a. Staff? b. Meals/snacks? c. Ward round structure?
3QQ1.Do you feel that the hospital provides enough information directed to children?
2.Do you feel listened to and heard by the medical team?
3.Could you tell me about any positive experiences you’ve had with the medical team?
4.What do you think would have made a difference to you and your child?
5.What improvements would you like to see?
Play specialists4SSPlay department/Paediatric surgical admissions unit1.What questions do you often get asked by children?
2.What do children appear most anxious about while in hospital?
3.What kinds of activities do children enjoy doing while in hospital?
4.Do you think play specialist services provide enough information/entertainment for patients?
 5.For weekends when play specialists are not around, do you think a little hospital puzzle to follow on from a leaflet the families could read the children before may help their understanding of what they will be facing?
6.What additional information do you think it would be helpful to provide to children during their stay? Do you feel this information should be provided?
7.How often would children use an app/game and what age group do you think that would work for?
  • *Paediatric patients of any age were approached.

  • QQ, qualitative questionnaire; SS, semistructured.