Table 1

Timeline of outcome measures during phase two and analysis plan

0 months3 months4 months6 months9 months12 monthsAnalysis plan
OSCE BPre/post HBB trainingXXX*Mann-Whitney U test for comparison of intervention vs control for each measure at each time point
Wilcoxon signed-rank test for comparison of change in OSCE B scores from post-training 0 to 12 months in intervention vs control (to assess relative decay of skills)
Knowledge checkXX
Bag-mask skillsXX
AIR device measurementsXXXXXX
Focus group discussionsXDescriptive statistics
HBB Prompt analytic dataXXXX
  • Summary of outcome measures throughout phase II. X marks the outcomes to be measured at each of the designated time points, which are months after initial HBB 2.0 training of participants in phase II. The primary outcome of comparing OSCE B scores between the intervention and control group 12 months after initial training is denoted by *. The remainder are secondary outcomes that will be collected and analysed.

  • AIR, Augmented Infant Resuscitator; HBB, Helping Babies Breathe; OSCE, Objective Structured Clinical Examination.