Table 3

Summary of standards set out by the 2017 American Heart Association guideline ‘diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of KD’ and the outcomes of the audit

Audit criteriaTargetExceptionsOutcome
The diagnosis of KD should be made based on the listed diagnostic criteria or according to the AHA algorithm in cases of incomplete KD100%This incomplete KD algorithm is not evidence based but represents the opinion of an expert committee; therefore, exceptions may arise following consultation with an expert50%
Echocardiography should be performed when the diagnosis of KD is considered, and repeated within 1–2 weeks and 4–6 weeks in uncomplicated patients100%None0%
Patients with complete or incomplete KD should be treated with high dose IVIG (2 mg/kg) within 10 days of illness onset100%If delayed presentation to hospital, IVIG should be given as soon as possible after diagnosis70%
A second dose of IVIG should only be given to patients with persistent fever 36 hours after the initial dose100%None100%
  • IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin; KD, Kawasaki disease.