Table 1

Characteristics of very low birth weight infants (n=105)

Received antenatal care88
Received antenatal steroids45
Black ethnicity99
Primiparous mother31
Maternal hypertension30
Maternal HIV26
Delivered by caesarean76
Resuscitated at birth with bag and mask30
Early-onset sepsis5
Respiratory distress syndrome89
Surfactant replacement therapy80
Nasal continuous airways pressure70
Mechanical ventilation17
Retinopathy of prematurity (grade 2 or more)5
Patent ductus arteriosus11
Intraventricular haemorrhage grade 3 or 40
Cystic periventricular leucomalacia0
Necrotising enterocolitis (stage 2 or more)4
Exchange transfusion1
Sepsis after day 321
Received oxygen on day 2832
Steroids for chronic lung disease17
Birth defect3