Table 2

Correlation analysis of different variables with zinc concentration

Spearman rank correlationP value *
Anthropometric variables
 Weeks of gestation (SEM)0.15
 Birth weight (kg)0.260.01
 Birth weight z-score0.240.02
 Birth length (cm)0.17
 Birth length z-score0.15
 Head circumference at birth (cm)0.15
 Head circumference at birth z-score0.10
Nutritional development variables
 Weight gain (g/day)−0.200.050
 Weight at discharge (kg)0.07
 Weight at discharge z-score0.14
 Length at discharge (cm)0.15
 Length at discharge z-score0.220.040
 Increase in length (cm/week)0.05
 Head circumference at discharge (cm)−0.06
 Head circumference at discharge z-score0.5
 Increase in head circumference (cm/week)−0.06
Nutritional Variables
 Parenteral nutrition (days)−0.19
 Iron intake (mg/kg/day)−0.12
 Protein intake (g/kg/day)−0.260.01
 Zinc intake (mg/kg/day)−0.07
  • *Spearman correlation test.