Table 2

Association of LAZ scores with faecal pH

β*SEP value *β*SEP value *
Age (in months)
Mothers height (in cm)
Fever (in last 14 days)0.440.930.64
Antibiotics taken (in last 14 days)0.441.320.74
Faecal pH−0.360.07<0.01−0.320.08<0.01
Food group 1 (grain, roots and tubers)−0.061.320.96
Food group 2 (legumes and nuts)−0.350.240.15
Food group 3 (milk, yoghurt and cheese)−
Food group 4 (meat, fish and poultry)
Food group 5 (eggs)−
Food group 6 (vitamin A rich fruits and vegetables)−0.660.250.09
Food group 7 (other fruits and vegetables)0.300.250.23
Currently breast feeding0.090.330.79
  • *β=Regression coefficient; p value=significance level.

  • LAZ, length-for-age Z score; MDD, minimum dietary diversity;SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth; WAMI, Water and sanitation, the selected approach to measuring household wealth (Assets), Maternal education and Income.