Table 1

Overview of the variables requested, received and the limitations imposed by the sectoral Committee for Social Security and Health (CSSSS)

Variables requested of data managersLimitation imposed by CSSSSVariables received by the research team
National registration numberPseudonymisationPseudonymised code
Principal and secondary diagnosis of a complex chronic conditionPrincipal diagnosis aggregated to 1 of the 9 categories; secondary diagnosis aggregated to 1 of the 9 categoriesCancer; digestive disease; cardiovascular disease; haematological/immunological disease; neurological disease; respiratory disease; urinary disease; congenital/genetic disease; metabolic disease
Dates of admission to and discharge from hospitalDay/month/yearDay/month/year of admission day/month/year of discharge
Date of birth (day/month/year)Aggregated to six categories0–11 months, 1–4 years, 5–9 years, 10–15 years, 16–19 years, >20 years
Postal code of residenceAggregated to one of the 13 regions in Belgium13 regions in Belgium; unknown
NationalityAggregated to one of the six regions defined by WHO6 regions
Insurance statusInsured or notInsured or not