Table 2

Categories and subcategories

Problems and concernsGP unwilling to prescribe or other prescribing issues
Communication difficulties with GP surgery staff
Wrong product, formulation or strength prescribed
Insufficient quantity prescribed
Communication difficulties with pharmacy staff
Delay in obtaining medicine from pharmacy
Medicine not labelled with directions
Lack of information about the medicine
Actions and strategiesAdditional interaction with GP surgery staff
Additional interaction with pharmacy staff
Requested assistance from other healthcare professionals
Requested larger quantity to be prescribed
Asked pharmacy staff to keep medicine as stock
Used one regular pharmacy
Used multiple pharmacies
Obtained medicine from local or specialist hospital
Planning and organising the process
Sought information about the medicine
Views and perceptionsPerceptions of GP surgery and pharmacy staff
Perceptions and understanding of the medicine supply process
Views on how the medicine supply process should be delivered or improved
  • GP, general practitioner.